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The Great Housing Debate: Dorm or Off Campus Student Housing

Aug 26, 2015

When you’re leaving the nest and gearing up to go away to college, you’ve got a decision to make – dorm or off campus student housing. Both types of student housing have their advantages, and it’s really up to you to decide which one you prefer. With study sessions, course work and an overall busy class schedule, choosing the best living environment is an integral part of your academic success and college experience. Things to consider in your decision include finances, proximity to campus, convenience, socialization and amenities.
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Surviving Life Off Campus

Aug 24, 2015

Living in a college dorm is mostly a freshman thing, and many upperclassmen opt to say good-bye to their dorm for a new life off campus. This transition from life in a dorm to life in an apartment is a big one. Here are some things to keep in mind in order to survive when you venture off campus.
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Things to Know About Off Campus Housing

Aug 19, 2015

Whether you move straight into an off campus apartment or say good-bye to the dorm as an upperclassman, there are important things to know when it comes to off campus housing. The must-knows include leases, deposits and renter’s insurance.  
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How To Decorate Your College Apartment

Aug 17, 2015

Moving into a college apartment means it’s time to decorate. After all, you want it to be homey. And while it’s not cheap to furnish and decorate your college apartment, you can turn a plain apartment into your own “home-away-from-home” with a few affordable tips.
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Gearing Up: What to Pack for College

Aug 12, 2015

Heading off to college means that you’ve got some serious packing to do. Countless students arrive to their college student accommodations with massive boxes and suitcases only to realize that they’ve brought too much or forgot an important essential. Bring the right items along and skip the hassle of having to buy items.
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The Amenities of Upscale University Student Apartments

Aug 10, 2015

While it’s a known fact that most college students are on a tight budget, there are upscale university student apartments that feature very nice amenities – all at an affordable price too. Why settle for bare-bones apartment complexes when you can enjoy great amenities?

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