Types of Student Housing

When it comes to what type of housing ASU students should pick, there are two main categories to choose from. Students can either decide to live on-campus in an ASU dorm, or they can live in the many apartments in Boone, NC. It’s important for ASU students to explore all of their options before signing a housing contract, and for this reason, The Standard brings you this guide to student housing in Boone, NC.

Housing Options For ASU Students

ASU Dorms

With several dorms at Appalachian State, both on the East Side and the West Side, it might be tempting for students to want to live on-campus while they’re taking classes at ASU. While living on campus might sound like a blast since you’re close to all of your classes, club meetings and the dining hall, dorms do come with some drawbacks. One big thing to consider when you’re thinking about living in a dorm size of living space you’ll need. Colleges often make dorm rooms as small as possible, while also packing as many roommates as they can per room. Other inconveniences include having to share a laundry facility with everyone in the building and limited parking for your car.

Apartments For Rent in Boone

There are so many Boone apartments for rent that it can often take ASU students and young professionals a long time to decide which one to sign a housing contract with. When you’re considering living in an apartment it’s important to sit down with your future roommates and decide on the amenities that are most important to all of you.

A big thing to keep in mind is that although some apartments might be in the low-end of your budget, they might be too far away from ASU, not offer the amenities you want, or might not offer the community you're looking for.

Condos & Townhouses Near ASU

For some ASU students, the idea of living in a regular apartment might make them cringe. Which is why they often turn to a condo or townhome for their living situation. Condos often offer more space for ASU students to live in, the ability to have a pet live with you and usually other features like a screened in porch.

While all of this might seems nice it’s important to remember that a lot of condos and townhouses in Boone are not very close to ASU, which is a major drawback for students. Another thing about condos and townhouses that you should keep in mind is that they often are more expensive than most apartments and to live in one you have to pay an association fee, which can be very pricey. With all of this in mind, it wouldn't make sense for ASU students to choose a condo or townhouse to live in.

Houses for Rent in Boone

If apartments for rent in Boone, NC and condos in the area don’t seem like the perfect fit for you, you might be tempted to start looking for homes for rent. A friend of yours probably mentioned how much they loved having a yard, or your parents have told you for all of your life about the great times they had in college while living in a house. With these ideas in the back of your mind, you might also think that houses would be the best way to go.

But it’s important to remember that unlike apartments, if something breaks at 2 a.m. and your landlord is unresponsive, you might be out of luck. Another thing to consider with a home is that you might be stuck with things like lawn maintenance and getting the walls painted. For these reasons, ASU students might find living in a home to be cumbersome and not worth the added space and amenities.

Luxury Apartments in Boone

When you consider living in an apartment, make sure you choose the right complex for you. Some of the less expensive apartments for rent don’t offer features like heated outdoor spas, designated study sections or a gym. If you find yourself frustrated with the amount of amenities that regular apartments seem to lack, consider looking to live in a luxury apartment.

The Standard at Boone offers luxury amenities such as hot tubs, 24-hour study lounges, a Starbucks bar in the complex and an extensive fitness center. This luxury complex also offers features that Appalachian State students need such as being close to ASU’s campus, having several options when it comes to suite styles and having a computer lounge.

Find a Luxury Apartment in Boone

Whether it’s the huge apartments that come with options from one bedroom and one bathroom to four bedroom and four bathrooms or the beautiful fitness center and clubhouse, The Standard at Boone has your name written all over it. If you’re interested in living at the best luxury apartment complex in Boone, contact us today!

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