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Housing for College Students: 5 Things You Don't Want to Forget to Bring

Mar 09th 2017

Going away to college is a big deal and something that requires a lot of preparation. Once you choose your classes, set and determine which type of housing for college students will work best for you, your main concern will likely be packing—so you are certain that you have everything you need for your new adventure. While you know you need your school books and seasonally-appropriate clothing, what else should you bring? Here are five things you want to make sure you do not forget when you leave home for college.

Affordable Apartments for Rent: A Students Guide to Saving Money on Utilities

Feb 22nd 2017

When going away to college, many students prefer to look beyond on-campus housing options. College student like to check out affordable apartments for rent in the area around the school. In addition to looking at the cost to rent the apartment, it is important to consider the cost of utilities. If you choose an apartment that requires you pay separate utilities, learning to reduce waste and save money on these is important.

5 Awesome Benefits of Off Campus Housing – Why You Should Consider Student Apartments For Rent

Feb 06th 2017

When you first considered going away to college, you may have imagined living on-campus in the dorms. However, with the abundance of excellent student apartments for rent today, living off campus is a better option than ever before. Consider these five incredible benefits to renting an off campus apartment.


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