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When going away to college, many students prefer to look beyond on-campus housing options. College student like to check out affordable apartments for rent in the area around the school. In addition to looking at the cost to rent the apartment, it is important to consider the cost of utilities. If you choose an apartment that requires you pay separate utilities, learning to reduce waste and save money on these is important.

Preventing Water Waste

Your water bill is likely one of your lowest each month. Saving on water usage is generally easy too. Take showers instead of baths, turn off the water when you brush your teeth, only run your washer or dishwasher when you have a full load, and if you do not already have a low-flow showerhead, consider investing in one. Simple steps can help you avoid wasting water—saving money and one of our precious natural resources.

Enhancing Energy Awareness

Whether you use gas or electricity for heating and cooling, it is important that you do not go overboard. While you want your apartment to be a comfortable temperature, it costs a lot to run your HVAC system; so, consider using it as little as you can get away with, especially when you are not spending many hours at the apartment anyhow. In addition to keeping your heating and cooling use down, make sure you turn off lights, computers and other electronics when you are not using them or you are not at home.

Taking Care of Telecommunications

Your phone, internet and cable are often one area you can cut costs without too much trouble. Think hard about what is most important to you. Do you need high-speed internet or will the slower speed work for you? Do you really need 400 channels of cable? Could you get by with just your cell phone or do you need a landline too? For some people, a cell phone with a big data plan may fulfill all telecommunication and entertainment needs. Deciding what is most important to you can help you eliminate unneeded bills and help you have more cash available for the things that do matter to you.

Preparing for living at college is a big undertaking. If you decide that you want to look at affordable apartments for rent around Appalachian State University, make sure you look into The Standard. With high-speed Wi-Fi part of your package and many features in place to encourage energy conservation, The Standard is an affordable place to call home—with plenty of extra amenities to make college life great. Contact us or check out our website for more information about apartments that will be available in fall of 2016.

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