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Tips About What to Pack for College

Mar 28, 2016

Are you asking yourself what to pack for college? What should you bring and what should you leave?
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Great Ways to Personalize The Best Student Apartments for Rent

Mar 23, 2016

Bring some favorite things from home to rev up the decor in the best student apartments for rent in Boone. Even the most luxurious surroundings will benefit from some personal touches. Alternatively, set aside a few dollars for special purchases after you move in to your new digs. Whether you plan to live alone or merge your life with several roommates, there are simple ways to make the best student apartments for rent your own.
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How To Find Off Campus Housing In Boone

Mar 21, 2016

You don’t have to approach apartment hunting the same way you would begin a job search, but if you’re serious about moving off campus next fall, it’s also time to get serious about looking for the perfect place and learning how to find off campus housing. Put learning how to find off campus housing off too long, and you’re sure to be disappointed.
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Furnished Student Apartments Simplify College Planning

Mar 14, 2016

Bring your clothes and your computer, register for classes and buy your books; you’re all set for your college experience. The furnished student apartments at The Standard in Boone will allow you to focus all your energy on your studies.
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Ways To Avoid Choosing A College Roommate

Mar 10, 2016

Unless you have a BFF from your hometown to spend your college days — and nights — with, it can be difficult to think about sharing space with someone you don’t know very well and choosing a college roommate. At The Standard in Boone, we’ve got you covered on that score. With a roommate matching service that takes your interests and personal preferences into account, we’ll help you find that compatible roommate who may very well become your new best friend, or we’ll help you find a larger group to share a 3 or 4-bedroom apartment. Your choice.
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College Apartments For Rent: 3 Good Reasons To Begin Your Search Now

Mar 07, 2016

You’re thinking about moving off campus next fall, but that’s almost six months away. Plenty of time to look around for college apartments for rent. Right? Well, maybe. But why not pick right now from the cream of the crop? There’s a brand new building in Boone just waiting for you to choose your perfect floor plan.

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