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The Benefits of Furnished Apartments for Rent for College Students

Jul 29, 2015

Leaving the nest and heading off to college? If so, it’s likely that you’ve got a long checklist of items to purchase and take with you, such as computer, clothing, personal hygiene items and more. But what about beds, mattresses, sofas, tables, lamps, desks and chairs? If you’ve got to purchase those items, you’re looking at a hefty price tag of extra expenses. Plus, it just doesn’t make economic sense to purchase those items if you’ve already got them at home. With furnished apartments for rent, all of those furniture essentials are provided. The bottom line is that you save money.
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What to Look for in College Student Apartments

Jul 27, 2015

When you gear up to go away to college, you want your new home to offer all the comforts of home plus convenience. From close proximity to campus and essential appliances to privacy and amenities, there’s a long checklist of must-haves that should be checked off when looking for college student apartments.
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What to Look For In Student Housing Off Campus

Jul 22, 2015

3 Benefits of Student Housing Off Campus When it comes to student housing off campus, you really want a cozy place that enhances the college-living experience. From study and privacy to play and close proximity to campus, your new home should have it all.
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Pet Friendly Student Apartments: Take Your Pet with You to College

Jul 17, 2015

Don’t want to leave your furry four-legged companion behind when you head off to college? Well, you just might not have to. More and more, college student apartment complexes are welcoming college student pets with open paws and offering pet friendly student apartments.

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