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Ways To Add Personality To Apartments For Students

Jan 29, 2016

If you want to personalize your college living quarters without spending a lot of money, just bring along some reminders of home and family. We have some great ideas to add spark to furnished apartments for students at Appalachian State.
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Five Things To Insist Upon In Affordable Student Housing

Jan 27, 2016

In some quarters, a romantic notion still exists that starving artists and struggling writers must “suffer” in substandard housing and subsist on straight-from-the-can cold beans and spaghetti. Some think that affordable student housing must also be bleak. We don’t agree!
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3 Ways To Convince Parents Of The Benefits Of Living Off Campus

Jan 20, 2016

This is your chance to break free and demonstrate to friends and family that you’re well on your way to becoming a responsible adult. Here are three convincing reasons that will “speak to” even the most protective parents about the benefits of living off campus.
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Pick The Cream Of The Crop In Local Apartments For Rent

Jan 18, 2016

Fall semester will be here before you know it. Time flies, not only when you’re having fun, but when you’re making important plans as well. Now is the time to finalize your living plans for college at Appalachian State, and we’re hoping you’ll consider the soon-to-be-completed local apartments for rent at The Standard.
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Include Luxury On Your Checklist For Student Housing

Jan 13, 2016

When there are options for living close to campus that include privacy, comfort, convenience and upscale amenities, why settle for anything less? As a student at Appalachian State, don’t you owe it to yourself to check out possibilities for off campus housing? As you plan for the perfect collegiate experience, don’t forget to include luxury on your checklist for student housing.
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Want Luxury? Consider A 2 Bedroom Apartmentt Near Appalachian State

Jan 11, 2016

Ask any recent grad about college years, and you will most likely be told that they learned at least as much off campus as they did during classes. When you choose a modern 2 bedroom apartment for rent near campus, you’ll have the best of all possible worlds. Embrace the full range of academic offerings and student activities at Appalachian State while living in a luxury building that’s located in the heart of the community. You’ll also have every opportunity to expand your personal interests, make new friendships and build a life based on your own preferences and needs. That’s a good foundation for the future.

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