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Begin Your College Apartment Search Early or Be Disappointed

Feb 24, 2016

Why wait when you can lock in your choice of a luxury apartment at The Standard right now? Fall Semester 2016 will be here before you know it! And if you wait until mid-summer to get serious about your college apartment search, you might just have to settle for something less than you had hoped for.
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Is The Standard On Your College Apartment List?

Feb 22, 2016

If you’ve been considering moving off campus and have been dreading actually beginning the search for a suitable apartment, maybe you just haven’t been looking in the right place. Do you have The Standard on your college apartment list? If not, why not? This new luxury apartment complex in Boone incorporates just about everything you could want in an apartment. It’s close to campus, has a ton of amenities, a choice of floor plans — and, besides all the rest, it’s affordable.  
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The Standard: Best Student Housing In Boone

Feb 17, 2016

New is not always the best; but in this case, a new luxury apartment complex designed specifically with Appalachian State students in mind is raising the bar for off campus housing. Located conveniently close to campus, The Standard encourages independence and socialization in equal measure, with apartment options from compact studios to spacious 4-bedroom, 4-bath units. The best student housing in Boone offers choice as well as luxury, upscale amenities and a comfortable, homey vibe, a “student-oriented” lifestyle with access to the wider community and all the natural beauty of the local area. The best part? Apartments are now pre-leasing, and they’ll be ready for occupancy in the Fall of 2016.
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Modern Housing For College Students Fills A Special Niche

Feb 10, 2016

Students sometimes exist in a world of their own — bouncing from euphoria to despair over grades, stressing about studies, anxious about their futures and lonely for the comforts of home and family. Living in an apartment can accentuate the isolation, or it can provide a “safety net” in the form of pleasant surroundings and friendly, understanding faces. At The Standard in Boone, modern housing for college students at Appalachian State is designed to be a real “home away from home.”
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How To Find An Apartment When You Don't Want To Live Alone

Feb 08, 2016

How to find an apartment when you don’t want to live alone has been keeping you awake worrying. You’re going away to school. It’s exciting, but it’s also going to be very different with no friends from home. What to do?
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Triple Your College Fun With 3 Bedroom Apartments For Rent

Feb 03, 2016

Three’s not a crowd if each of you has a private bedroom and bath at the newest college apartment community in Boone. When you pick one of the luxurious 3 bedroom apartments for rent at this modern building just across from campus, you can be certain that your college experience will be full — in terms of companionship, style and convenience.

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